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Mörköpeli 2.1

Developers: Ville Kauranen & Aleksi Riitala
Genre: Survival horror
First released: 2 January 2014
Latest version: (13 December 2016)
Language: Finnish , English
Size: 35,3 Mb
Maximum players: 2
license: Free

Download Mörköpeli v. (morkopeli21.zip)


Mörköpeli borrows the creepy character Groke by Tove Jansson and music from 'Moomin' animation series. The music of the series is composed by Sumio Shiratori and arranged by Korkeintotuus (YouTube-user). We're fully aware that we don't have the legal rights to use this intellectual property. However we consider ourselves as hard-core Moomin fans and wanted to make this game about the Groke and not any other monster. Also the Moomin music arranged by Korkeintotuus is perfect fit for our game to make it as authentic as possible. Korkeintotuus is a very talented arranger and his work sounds amazingly true to Sumio Shiratori's original compositions. We are never going to use this game to make profit in any way.

The flow of the game is simple: the player has to search for the King's Ruby in a dark and wintery forest. The Ruby must be carried back home to the starting position. The player is haunted by the Groke, who tries to freeze the player if they get too close.

Mörköpeli got started as a small project, but since it has received plenty of updates. We wanted to see if we can create something in 3D, and so Mörköpeli is our first published 3D-game.


New features in version 2.1
  • International support! Mörköpeli is now available in English!
  • Tracking system: After a played game it is possible to review events of the game in a separate window.
  • Couple of new fun secrets are hidden in the forest :)
  • In singleplayer mode you can manually select which game number to play.
    The "game number" just means which number is used as seed for the random generation of the game.
    To do this open console in the main menu by pressing [F1] or [½§]. Type "play=N" where N is an positive or negative integer.
    You can also see which seed was used each time you finish the game given that the tracking system was enabled.
    This allows you to replay that exact game again or share the game number with someone else.

Changes from version (6 September 2015)
  • Two new settings for graphics detail. Highest detail allows high poly snow on trees.
  • Models have now smoother lighting. They appear to be less blocky.
  • Bullets fired by Sniff are now visible to the Groke in multiplayer.
  • System for getting the latency information in multiplayer has been improved.
  • Fatal bug that prohibited players from connecting to a game before the host restarted their client is fixed.
  • Slush Trap´s slowing effect no longer decreases linearly. -> They are now more effective than before the first 20 seconds or so.
  • Some hud elements have been changed.
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed including some audio bugs.
  • Console improvements and conf.ini alterations.


System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: preferably over 2GHz
  • Graphics: DirectX 8 compatible - preferably at least 64Mb of VRAM
  • Memory: 512Mb (WinXp), 2Gb or more with others
  • Display device: VGA compatible (640x480) - preferably 800x600 or higher