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Games / Downloadable Games / Mörköpeli 2.3

Mörköpeli 2.3

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Download Mörköpeli 2.3
Developers: Ville Kauranen, Aleksi Riitala & Henry Hiltunen
Genre: Survival Horror
Platform: Windows
Engine: GameMaker
Installation type: Standalone executable
Language: Finnish & English
Players: 1 - 2 (req. network access)
License: Free
Latest version:
Latest version released: 8 January 2018
First released: 2 January 2014
Development began: 12 November 2013
Updates: 2.3.x.x in development
File size: -
Download count:

(since 13 December 2016)

last 7 days: 0

22. February 2018 - Update status

The meter below displays our progress on the upcoming update. Once it reaches about 80%, we will relaunch the game with some of its music tracks missing.

Update: Progress meter has been adjusted to take into account patch 2.3.1.x, therefore relaunch requires 85%



+ 1.0% - 26 May 2018 -> 27 May 2018

(updated 25 May 2018)

- Ville Kauranen

8. February 2018 - Mörköpeli will make a comeback in version 2.3

We have begun 2-3 weeks ago working on an update for Mörköpeli. Those who have played previous versions of the game will be familiar with game mechanics. This version mainly brings a new theme to the table. We are creating our own characters, music, voices and backstory. I cannot give precise release date just yet, but we will try our best to bring it back to being downloadable as soon as possible. At latest before snow melts here up north!

Teaser for 2.3 version is viewable in videos-tab (in finnish)

- Ville Kauranen

15. January 2018 - Mörköpeli is no longer available due to a copyright claim!

It should not have been unclear that Mörköpeli's original theme included copyrighted material which we had no permission to use from their respective holders. We have been contacted concerning these copyright issues and we have removed the possibility to download the game from our website. The case is still open but our goal is to re-release the game after we have implemented necessary changes to make it no longer infringe copyrights of any other party.

Mörköpeli will most likely be able to retain its original name and we have begun our work in order to restore it back to downloadable games. The game will feature totally new theme while game mechanics staying the same.

We will update this news piece if there is something to report.
(updated 3 February 2018)

- Ville Kauranen


Mörköpeli was our first decent 3D-game.