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Games / Downloadable Games / Mörköpeli 2.1

Mörköpeli 2.1

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Download Mörköpeli 2.1
Developers: Ville Kauranen & Aleksi Riitala
Genre: Survival Horror
Platform: Windows
Engine: GameMaker
Installation type: Standalone executable
Language: Finnish & English
Players: 1 - 2 (req. network access)
License: Free
Latest version:
Latest version released: 15 November 2017
First released: 2 January 2014
Development began: 12 November 2013
File size: 41.25 Mb
Download count:

(since 13 December 2016)

last 7 days: 1577

3 December 2017 - Mörköpeli will receive one more update...

Mörköpeli at its current state is complete. Further updates are not going to include drastic changes. Initially my intention from now on was to only support the game by providing bug fixes. I changed my mind and there will be one update later this year or in January 2018.

If you notice something that you presume is a bug in current version of the game, please report it to us so we can try to fix it in the future update. :)

You can do this by sending us email to:
or visit Contact Us page and submit a message.

- Ville Kauranen


Mörköpeli borrows the creepy character Groke by Tove Jansson and music from 'Moomin' animation series. The music of the series is composed by Sumio Shiratori and arranged by Korkeintotuus (YouTube-user). We're fully aware that we don't have the legal rights to use this intellectual property. However we consider ourselves as hard-core Moomin fans and wanted to make this game about the Groke and not any other monster. Also the Moomin music arranged by Korkeintotuus is perfect fit for our game to make it as authentic as possible. Korkeintotuus is a very talented arranger and his work sounds amazingly true to Sumio Shiratori's original compositions. We are never going to use this game to make profit in any way.

Mörköpeli got started as a small project, but since it has received plenty of updates. We wanted to see if we can create something in 3D, and so Mörköpeli is our first published 3D-game.